review: her (2013)

I feel like this film really reached into my soul, and left a sort of unpleasant, empty feeling inside once the film had ended. Now, as a partial computer science student – I love technology. However, I wouldn’t take it as far as Theodore (Joaquin Phoenix) did. I mean, Siri is fun to play with sometimes, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it love.

In terms of actors, Phoenix did a phenomenal job, carrying most the film as a one man show. His sort of un-Hollywood-ness, including his endearing scruffy hair and glasses, paired with his striking blue eyes and authentically loveable character was definitely a highlight in this film. Additionally, Scarlett Johansson as the voice of Theodore’s OS Samantha, gave the operating system a homey-ness, or the personality of the stereotypical “girl next door”, with her deep, rough tone and girlish chuckle.

Theodore on the beach, laughing with Samantha.

Theodore on the beach, laughing with Samantha.

Plotwise, I loved it. While the idea of Her seems ridiculous in this age, who knows how advanced these computer systems will be in the future? And yes, there has recently been an upsurge in films being released that comment and criticize on contemporary society’s reliance and obsession with technology (Wall-E anyone?), but for some reason – this one just seemed so much more plausible.

Aesthetically, this movie was overlayed with some sort of orange tint, that gave the image both characteristics of muddiness as well as clarity. Sort of complementing this was the symbol of protagonist Theodore’s eyes – strikingly electric blue, but constantly covered with glasses. Not sure if anyone else noticed this, but at the end of the story you consistently start seeing him without his glasses on. Is this a sort of cheesy metaphor, representing that he finally see what the world has come to and realizes the danger in these technologically advanced, emotional OS’s?

Anyway, watch this. You just have to.

just my rating: ★★★★★


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