review: the other woman (2014)

This rom-com featuring Cameron DiazLeslie MannKate Upton, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was an overall pleasant watch, but definitely isn’t one of the top comedies out there. While where were some nice comedic moments, some of the intended jokes weren’t successfully executed, and resulted in some awkward scenes.

While I absolutely love Coster-Waldau as the kingslaying Jamie Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones series, he definitely isn’t a chick flick actor. His freak-out scene performance felt forced, overdone, and overall not funny. Additionally, while his American accent was generally pretty well performed throughout the film, his Danish roots showed through some of his lines.

The three female characters looked great in the film, together as friends. However, while Diaz and Mann established a great connection as bffls onscreen, Upton‘s character seemed slightly unnecessary, and I found myself feeling bad for her character while she “third-wheeled” during Diaz and Mann‘s cute, girlfriend moments.

the three

Source: AceShowBiz

Furthermore, the ending sequence where Coster-Waldau‘s character, Mark, gets his ass kicked humiliated by the three female leads was extremely overdone. It started off ok – but was the entire un-realistic, cheap-looking, glass shattering effect necessary?

just my rating: ★★★½


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