review: the virgin suicides (1999)

Just browsing through Netflix, I stumbled upon this gem. Directed by Sofia Coppola, The Virgin Suicides was just a great watch.

This story is narrated by one of a group of 4 men, exploring through their perplexing childhood alongside the 5 mysterious, but beautiful Lisbon sisters. Featuring Kirsten Dunst as Lux Lisbon, these sisters are presented through ups and downs with their religious, strict, controlling parents. The film ends with their… well just look at the title. (This is not a spoiler, this is literally what the movie is about – mentioned at the beginning of the film).

The 5 Lisbon sisters.

The 5 Lisbon sisters.

Coppola did a great job in establishing the whole mysterious, dark sort of vibe throughout the film. I think the idea of using an actual voice narrator was very effective – the film just wouldn’t have been as good without it. I was also very impressed with Kirsten Dunst’s performance. After only seeing her in films like the Spider-Man series, Jumanji, and Bring It On, it was refreshing to see her playing a deeper character. Moreover, how on Earth did she get cast in a flick like Bring It On in 2000 after her performance in this film? Mind-blowing.

Kirsten Dunst as Lux in The Virgin Suicides.

Kirsten Dunst as Lux in The Virgin Suicides.

Another standout performance in The Virgin Suicides was given by Hannah Hall, playing the youngest sister, Cecilia Lisbon. As the “first to go”, Hall’s screen time was limited, but I found that images of her, alongside those of Dunst were the ones ingrained into my head, lingering with me, haunting me, long after the film was over. As a troubled character, Hall exhibited the perfect balance between innocence and troubled-ness, followed by a sinister aura after her departure, through the short development of her character.

Hall as the young Cecilia.

Hall as the young Cecilia.

Cecilia was the

Cecilia was the “first to go”.

Anyway, this was definitely one of the most haunting, beautiful films I have ever seen. I’m really glad I watched it now, rather than when it was released (I would have been 7…), allowing me to actually appreciate it. I highly recommend it – but you really have to be in the mood for it.

just my rating: ★★★★★


2 thoughts on “review: the virgin suicides (1999)

  1. Every once and awhile, I’ll see this movie and it will just ruin my day. Not because it’s terrible or anything, but because it’s so upsetting that I can hardly ever get it out of my head. Like ever. Good review.

    • I completely understand what you mean! Definitely stuck in my head for awhile.

      Don’t know about you, but I also couldn’t stop seeing Cecilia in mirrors/trees etc. for a couple days. Very scary.

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