review: tammy (2014)

I’m still unsure on how I feel about Melissa McCarthy, and Tammy didn’t really help me with that. The film obviously wasn’t the most refined, or meaningful – and I wasn’t expecting that – but I was expecting to laugh. And I barely did that.

Synopsis (IMDB): After losing her job and learning that her husband has been unfaithful, a woman hits the road with her profane, hard-drinking grandmother.

Pearl (Sarandon) and Tammy (McCarthy) star as the main characters in Tammy.

Pearl (Sarandon) and Tammy (McCarthy) star as the main characters in Tammy.

First of all, I must say that I really miss Melissa McCarthy from her Gilmore Girls days. Her role as the oh-so-adorable Sookie St. James will always be stuck in my heart. I miss the cute, little, heartwarming McCarthy. That being said, her portrayal of Megan in Bridesmaids (2011) was hilarious, I will give her that. The Heat (2013) wasn’t bad either. Other than that though, I really have not been impressed by her other films. She is now constantly being type-casted as the large, somewhat repulsive, slapstick comedy character, but I know she can do so much better than that. I can’t help but wonder how all these recent roles are affecting her self-esteem… because she really is a beautiful person and actress.

Melissa McCarthy in Tammy.

Melissa McCarthy in Tammy.

McCarthy as the adorable Sookie in Gilmore Girls.

McCarthy as the adorable Sookie in Gilmore Girls.

I feel like Tammy had so much potential, with a great cast, along with a renowned main actress – currently with a lot of hype. The trailer definitely built up a lot of excitement for this movie, and that is why I was so excited to finally watch it. Unfortunately, it honestly wasn’t really that funny, which is such a shame. Everything was extremely overdone, and over-emphasized, and it all felt a little been-there-done-that to me.

The supporting cast was pretty solid. Susan Sarandon as Grandma Pearl did an acceptable job – and the few laughs I had mainly came from her punchlines. Nothing to complain about Kathy Bates either, but again – she was just OK.

Sarandon as Pearl.

Sarandon as Pearl.

Yeah, all in all, mainly disappointments from this film. Sorry. I do see however, from McCarthy’s IMDB page, that The Heat 2 is officially announced, with no release date. McCarthy is rumoured to be part of the recurring cast, so lets hope that turns out well.

just my rating: ★★

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