review: this is the end (2013)

Yeah, I didn’t watch this one when it first came out! The whole idea did intrigue me however – I mean, how could it not? A whole cast of celebrities acting as themselves? I remember really wanting to see this when it came out, and then life got in the way and then all the excitement passed. Anyway, I just recently remembered that this film existed – and gave it a gander.

Synopsis (IMDB): While attending a party at James Franco’s house, Seth Rogen, Jay Baruchel and many other celebrities are faced with the apocalypse.

My main critique about this film is the vulgarness of the whole thing. The concept had SO MUCH potential – and while there definitely were a whole bunch of humorous moments, mostly involving references to the actors’/actresses’ past films, I just wish it wasn’t so gross. I was never into that whole fad of humour. It honestly just grosses me out and turns me off of the film. We do not need to see Jonah Hill puking demonic bile everywhere. Seriously. We really don’t.

Anyway, the structure of this film was pretty good. The pacing was quick enough to keep me interested. Additionally, the cast worked very well together. Each demonstrating a different quality – they all also seemed very cohesive together and shared a similar trait throughout their entire performances – while being very different at the same time. James Franco played a dim-witted, party-focused character, actually not too far from his brother Dave Franco’s role in 21 Jump Street. Jonah Hill was pretty hilarious, playing his usual, more feminine, softer character of the friend group. I enjoyed him in this film until of course, the projectile demonic bile. Seth Rogan was Seth Rogan. You just can’t go wrong with that deep, teddy bear voice. Not going to mention everyone else in this, but my two stand outs for this were Jay Baruchel and Emma Watson. One thing about Baruchel – I literally could not stop hearing Hiccup’s voice of How to Train Your Dragon every single time he opened his mouth. It just made me happy. He also, I think, held this movie together. Watson on the other hand, had a pretty small, insignificant role – and it might have been mainly the screenplay and the incessant remarks about Harry Potter, and the referral of herself as Hermione Granger that made me love her part in this – but who cares? I enjoyed every minute of screen time she had. She also didn’t overdo her part, and resulted in a more natural funniness, where some of the other actors stepped over the line and over-performed at some parts.

Also definitely LOL-ed near the end. If you have watched it – that SONG CHOICE. If you haven’t watched it yet, you will know when you do. Pretty solid song to accompany the end of the film.

So yeah, not entirely disappointed I went back and watched this one. Not the FUNNIEST movie, and it definitely could have been funnier, with the crazy potential it had, but it was still OK!

just my rating: ★★★½

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