review: not waving but drowning (2012)

I had REALLY high expectations for this one – literally just from the movie poster.

Doesn’t it just look SO good? I mean – it isn’t much but I just LOVE the layout of it. And the font. And the colours. Yeah. Anyway, the film doesn’t really resemble the poster, in my opinion.

Synopsis (IMDB): Leaving small town life in her dust, Adele (Vanessa Ray) moves wide eyed to New York City, and her best friend Sara (Megan Guinan) stuck in their hometown. Separate for the first time in their lives, the film charts new relationships with boys, girls and eccentric old ladies (Adam Driver, Isabelle McNally, and Lynn Cohen).

To be honest, I zoned out within the first 15 minutes of watching this, so I don’t think this will be a very accurate review of the film. Although, the fact that I DID zone out so quickly is saying something in itself. Honestly, I just starting playing Candy Crush on my phone, I was so bored – and I usually like “indie”, unrefined films like this. TBH, not even sure exactly what happened in the plot…

Yeah I’m not going to say much about this one, just because anything I say will probably be inaccurate – but the ONE thing I took away from this film is that I found it hilarious how Adam Driver was named Adam. Just like he is also an Adam in the HBO TV series, Girls. I guess he really looks like an Adam.

Sorry I don’t have much to say. I generally try to write longer, more helpful reviews – but I am literally scanning my brain for thoughts and comments and I am coming up completely blank.

So there is my main critique. This movie was blah. Didn’t hit me at all.

just my rating: ★

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