review: 22 jump street (2014)

I’m usually not the biggest fan of the sort of over-exaggerated, slapstick-ish humour in films, but 21 Jump Street was absolutely hilarious, and I was pretty excited to hear that our dynamic duo was hitting up college.

Synopsis (IMDB): After making their way through high school (twice), big changes are in store for officers Schmidt and Jenko when they go deep undercover at a local college.

Alright, lets see what I thought!


The opening “recap” sequence.
I LOVED this. I was actually thinking about this the other day, and decided that all sequels of films should have little recap sequences at the beginning. TV shows do it, so why shouldn’t movies? While TV shows are released once a week, sequels are generally spaced roughly one year apart – and sometimes, important details just escape your mind during this long gap. Anyway, this was a very clever idea, and not only reminded the audience of what happened in the last film, but went through all the funniest moments of the previous movie, and set a tone of excitement and exhilaration for the film to come. Well done!

References to 21 Jump Street.
I always find references hilarious, and hate when sequels to films don’t even acknowledge their predecessors. 22 Jump Street had the perfect balance of repeating/continuing jokes from the first film, without overdoing it and deeming the jokes stale.

Channing Tatum.
I’ve gone through a few phases on how I feel about Channing Tatum – starting with She’s the Man and Step Up, where I fell in love with him, to Dear John and The Vow, where I found him very old-looking and awkward, to 21 Jump Street, where I found him hilarious, and didn’t even pay attention to his looks. And now 22 Jump Street, where suddenly I find myself very attracted to him again. It could have been all the parkour action shots that were included in this film, but I do find myself very much in love with him once again. Oh also, “something cool”. LOL.


The closing sequence.
Some may argue that this section was overdone, and it most definitely was – but it was absolutely hilarious. If you are confused right now, I’m talking about the closing sequence, where they go through the next 75ish years of the jump street series. I found myself wanting to stop the film during this sequence, but also found myself so intrigued that I just had to keep watching it. Also, bringing in Seth Rogan was GENIUS. But yeah, I do realize that it was overdone, which is why this is in the “on the fence” section.


Amber Stevens as Maya.
This is such a shame, because I do like Amber Stevens. While not the most serious actress, she brings this light aura to her acting roles, and is pretty natural in her performances. However, she didn’t really stand out to me in this, she was just very blah, and I feel like the film could have gone on without her. It could have also just been the way she was written in. Her character just didn’t add anything to the film to me. She also wasn’t very funny, which isn’t really a good thing in a comedy…


Overall good film! Not as good as the first one, but definitely better than the Hangover sequels… but when is a comedic sequel ever as good as the first one?

just my rating: ★★★★

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