review: sex tape (2014)

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Here’s a review for ya.

I didn’t expect great things from watching this, and got what I expected. However, there were a few funny moments.

Synopsis (IMDB): A married couple wake up to discover that the sex tape they made the evening before has gone missing, leading to a frantic search for its whereabouts.


The technology jokes.
Maybe it’s because I study computer science, but jokes about people who don’t know much about technology, and have a certain fear for it are always funny for me. I really enjoyed Jay’s (Jason Segel‘s) references to “The Cloud”. I think these moments were actually the ones I enjoyed the most in this.

The believability/relevancy of the whole thing.
So obviously, this film was absurd. 95% of the events that happened in this movie would never happen in real life, and everything was extremely exaggerated for comedic purposes. What I mean when I say this film was “believable” is that the whole idea of filming something, or taking a picture of something, and not wanting anyone else to see it – but accidentally syncing it, or sending it over to some other device is a real fear for most individuals out there who own electronic, internet-enabled devices. So yeah, the whole idea of this plot was very relevant, and I liked that.

The chemistry between Diaz and Segel.
The unexpected chemistry between Diaz and Segel was first established in Bad Teacher (2011) and was repeated here in this film, 3 years later. I liked them together a bit more in their previous film, but they have this little something that just works. You would never expect them to have any sort of chemistry, but they just have it. It was also extremely refreshing seeing Diaz play a character who actually liked her significant other, compared to the majority of her previous films.


The kid (Howard).
The kind-of-smart-but-really-really-really-awkward kid character is so overdone at this point, so I immediately didn’t like Howard’s character, and his integration into the plot. Like really? Try to think of something a little more original than having the little kid being the evil schemer. I also hate watching kids swear, and talk about things WAY beyond their years that they shouldn’t even know about. That being said, Harrison Holzer did a decent job with his stereotypical role. I just didn’t like his role.


The dog scene.
I hated this. No – I don’t want to watch Jason Segel running away from a vicious pet dog. I want to see quick, fun, witty humour. I want funny references. I want good scripts. I do not want to spend 20 minutes of my life watching a man run away from a dog, knock it out cold a few times, and fall out a window, somehow surviving the whole thing. And spending the rest of the movie covered in blood and dirt, and a ripped shirt. So unnecessary – next time, use this filler time to establish more colourful characters, or just fill it with jokes that are actually funny.

Trying too hard to be Date Night.
Sorry Diaz and Segel, you will never be Tina Fey and Steve Carell. And movies should never try to copy other movies – unless it establishes that it is aware of what it is referencing, or is a well-done parody. There is a plethora of these vulgar comedies that just blend in together into one big mass of not-that-funny jokes, with a few standouts like 21 Jump Street and Bridesmaids. Directors, please please please try to be more original.

Cameron Diaz high on coke.
This was just another unnecessary tie-in, not unlike Segel’s journey to outrun a dog. It didn’t add anything to plot, and just made Diaz less funny.


Yeah so, if you do watch this, don’t expect too much. Like it isn’t the worst movie out there, but it’s fine.

just my rating: ★★½

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