lists: the top 5, and worst trailers of 2014.

Because everyone has already done their personal 2014 movie ranks, lets look at the trailers! And also, because I usually like trailers better than the actual film itself…


1) The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies [Teaser Trailer]

While the longer, official trailer was cool – the shorter teaser for the 3rd Hobbit instalment takes the cake.

We see a shot of Bilbo, sitting, appearing to be thinking about something. We then hear Bilbo’s voice, stating “One day, I’ll remember. Remember everything that happened. The good, the bad. Those that survived, and those that did not.” This is overlaid with some epic imagery, including some awesome shots of Gandalf, Smaug, and general destruction.

We then get to my favourite part. We hear our old friend, Pippin’s voice, singing Edge of Night from LOTR: The Return of the King (2003). Honestly, this song made this trailer for me – and is definitely the reason why its at the top of my list.

We hear Bard, “Will you have peace, or war?” Then Thorin, “I will have WAR!”

Pippin’s song continues, as we see what seems to be endless shots of beautiful battle scenes. My actual favourite moment of this trailer? At 1:25, when we see the eye, then darkness, then a birds eye view of 4 characters running across a bridge. Fade out. A bunch of elves, with their arrows pointed at the sky. Perfect lines, perfect angles.

Thorin, “Will you follow me – one last time?”

Ok – so I pretty much just gave you the entire trailer in text format, but that’s honestly how good it is. Every second of it is perfect. It’s exciting, and cinematically appealing, just the way the films all are. Does it really say anything about the plot? Not really – except for the fact that its the final battle of the trilogy. Do we really need much about the plot? Not really. Most people who will go and watch this film are those that have read the books, or have seen the first two films, or have done both. And honestly – this trailer got me more hyped than any other trailer I’ve ever seen, including the Harry Potter ones.

2) American Sniper [Official Trailer]

So this trailer took a very different tactic than most others. They pretty much just showed us a 2 minute clip, taken directly from the film, with what seems to be minor edits to increase dramatic effect. There was no music – which sometimes works, but seems to just overpower most trailers – only minor sound effects.

We see Bradley Cooper, communicating through a device to a control unit, with a sniper, targeted at a man. But suddenly, his aim is suddenly directed towards a woman and what appears to be her son. They are carrying something, and the trailer establishes that its Cooper’s character’s decision whether or not to shoot.

What was so great bout this trailer? It was so simple. All you need, is Bradley Cooper, and a gun pointed toward a woman and kid, and you’ve got everyone’s hearts racing. It’s the truth of life.

This was a very clever trailer, and I don’t particularly enjoy watching films like these – but I found myself dying while watching this trailer, and I will most definitely go to see this film, so the trailer definitely worked on me.

3) What If [Official Trailer]

We start with Adam Driver, slapping down a baking sheet with a pile of nachos. “I just had sex and I’m about to eat NACHOS. It’s the greatest moment of my life!”

Honestly, I was hooked onto this trailer within these first 20 seconds. I just thought – that is SO TRUE, and laughed immediately.

The trailer then went to establish the plot, the characters, and the sense of humour present in the film. It showed the perfect amount of in-film jokes, without giving away too much – because the worst thing is, is when you watch a trailer, and a film, but literally all the jokes have been embedded into the trailer, so the film isn’t even funny anymore.

4) The Fault in Our Stars [Extended Official Trailer]

This trailer was similar to What If. It showed romance, as well as comedy. It built the relationship between Augustus and Hazel enough that the audience grew attached to them within 3 short minutes, but not enough so that their relationship felt stale by the end of the trailer, or by the beginning of the movie.

The pace is also something I enjoyed with this trailer. It had a clear beginning, middle, and end, and really just compressed the entire movie into 3 minutes really really well. It gave us exactly what to expect when going in to watch the film, but also didn’t take away too much of the emotional aspect from watching the entire feature length story.

5) Unbroken [Trailer 2]

I might just like this trailer because it used my favourite song of all time. There’s nothing like an M83 song to carry an emotional, uplifting and inspiring theme through any video. It also gave us a great introduction to the plot, supplied us with some great quotes to take home and think about, and really just stuck in my head every since I watched this trailer for the first time.

Will I go and watch this? Yes.


(These ones are in no particular order)

The Imitation Game [Official Trailer]

This might honestly just be one of the worst trailers of the year because of its comparison to the AMAZING film it actually is. It’s definitely the best film I’ve seen all year, but the trailer absolutely does not do it justice. It also sort of gives away too much of the film – although there is indeed much more depth to the whole film itself.

I just feel like the trailer didn’t show enough of Turing’s struggle throughout his story – it just seemed to focus on the good bits, which is sometimes a good thing – but we, as an audience, do need to be aware of the bad things to become attached to a character and his journey.

If I Stay [Trailer 2]

This trailer is amazing from 0:55 seconds and onwards. From the song choice, to the editing, to the correct use of fade transitioning. Before 0:55 however, is a different story.

If I didn’t watch the entire trailer, and just skipped over it like most YouTube users do, I would have thought this film was just a boring, cheesy, typical romance film between two young teenagers in high school. I would not know that it was actually a film about much more. I think they built up the relationship between Mia and Adam way too much – it became boring. 0:20 seconds of that would have been enough.

Mortdecai [Official Trailer #1]

Ok this film has a 2015 release date, but it was just so ridiculously stupid. I first got excited when I saw Johnny Depp appear on the screen, but it only ended in disappointment.

Will I watch it appears on Netflix? Probably. Will I pay to see it? Absolutely not.


2 thoughts on “lists: the top 5, and worst trailers of 2014.

  1. I LOVE that Edge of Night was included in The Hobbit trailer, it got me really excited for the movie that they would give a nod back to the original trilogy; in fact they’ve been doing it throughout The Hobbit trilogy which is awesome.

    I haven’t seen The Imitation Game yet, but I must agree that the trailer appears to give away a lot of the film there. I’m definitely keen on seeing it tough. Benedict Cumberbatch is a brilliant actor, and Turing had a remarkable, brilliant, and tragic story.

    • Yes, Edge of Night boosted that trailer’s epic-ness by about 200%.

      Definitely go see The Imitation Game, the lousy trailer takes nothing away from the profound movie!

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