recap: golden globes 2015, a summary & reflection.

Alright, lets just start with the big ones, because with the swarm of Golden Globe posts and reflections cluttering up your WordPress Reader, we know that no one really wants to waste their time by scrolling to the end of reflection posts to see who won the big awards.

Here are my thoughts on some of the awards of the night:

Best Drama – BOYHOOD
Well, obviously Linkater and crew deserves this. 12 years is a big commitment, and there is no doubt that they worked hard, and came up with an amazing final product. Now – I LOVE THIS MOVIE, so I’m not taking away from the fact that it is a work of art, BUT – The Imitation Game just hit me so strongly, that I have to say, I really wished they got this one.

Best Actor in a Drama – EDDIE REDMAYNE
I can’t critique too hard on this one – because I haven’t seen Redmayne’s performance in The Theory of Everything, but again – Benedict Cumberbatch was way too perfect in The Imitation Game to not win this award.

Best Actress in a Drama – JULIANNE MOORE
Similar to my comment above, I never watched Still Alice, but definitely thought Rosamund Pike was a clear frontrunner and winner for her role in Gone Girl.

Best Supporting Actress in a Drama – PATRICIA ARQUETTE
I am quite happy with this. Could have gone 2 ways – and this was one of my ways.

Well, obviously. #12yearsaslave?

Yes. There was nothing else that even could attempt to match this Wes Anderson creation. And his acceptance speech was on fleek.

Best Actor in a Comedy – MICHAEL KEATON

Best Animated Feature Film – HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON 2
WOW. I expected The Lego Movie to win, but I have to say – I’m VERY happy that HTTYD2 took this one! Not only is it an amazing film, but it is actually better than the first one – something very rare for animated sequels – or any sequels.

Best TV Series – THE AFFAIR
WHAT IS THIS SHOW, and how did it beat Game of Thrones? I know I’m not the only one outraged about this.

And what is Transparent???

Let me know what you feel strongly about!

Next stop: Oscars.


4 thoughts on “recap: golden globes 2015, a summary & reflection.

  1. Dude! I must agree Rosamund Pike was amazing, but I also haven’t seen Still Alice either. I also feel the same way about the TV awards, with the exception of Fargo – that deserved the Globe for mini series. But seriously, what is The Affair and Transparent? I feel like those shows came out of nowhere. I’m not one to bash something I haven’t seen, but at the same time there’s usually some buzz around the contenders… and this time I heard nothing.

    Have you seen Birdman by the way? Fiennes was a favourite in that category until I saw Keaton in Birdman; it’s a stunning performance.

    Another happy surprise for me was Gina Rodriguez for Jane The Virgin. The show’s brilliant, and she’s brilliant in it too.

    • So glad you agree! And I know – what the heck is Transparent?

      I haven’t seen Birdman, but that is next on my list – excited to watch it!

      I’m now madly watching movies to be fully prepped for the Oscars.

      • Ah prepare yourself for an out-of-this-world experience with Birdman!

        And I know that feeling. I just finished watching all 8 Best Picture nominees last week. And I haven’t even written about half of them yet. Awards season, never a dull moment!

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