review: room (2015)

Sorry everyone for that little break from blogging I took – life has been crazy. Anyways, I went to the TIFF premiere of Room in September, but am just getting caught up with my reviews now, so here it is.

Synopsis (IMDB): After five-year-old Jack and his mother escape from the enclosed surroundings that Jack has known his entire life, the boy makes a thrilling discovery: the outside world.

This has to be my favourite movie of 2015. Author Emma Donoghue brilliantly transforms her own novel into this beautiful visual masterpiece of the story. This film adaptation was extremely intense, and very touching. I literally did not stop crying for 2 hours.

I’ve heard and seen complaints regarding the trailer giving away everything, showing how Ma and Jack get out of their “room”, but honestly – the film shows so much more in terms of emotional development that giving that away is really giving away nothing at all.

The highlights of this film? Brie Larsen and Jacob Tremblay for sure. As individuals, as well as a duo. I vote for them at the Oscars this year. Their onscreen connection was just SO REAL. Fun fact: apparently the two actually became extremely close on set, as Brie would throw herself so deeply into her character that she would not be able to recover, and continue in her state of trauma long after takes were done. Little Jacob would then apparently ask what was wrong and why she was still crying, and would help bring her back to the world. So cute.

Anyway, this film only has a limited release right now, so get your butt out to a theatre and watch it NOW.

just my rating: ★★★★★

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Here is a quick snap of some of the main cast members – including Brie Larsen and Jacob Tremblay – director Lenny Abrahamson and author/screenwriter Emma Donaghue!



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