review: twinsters (2015)

I watched this on Netflix last night, and WOW – definitely one of my favourite documentaries this year.

Synopsis (IMDB): Adopted from South Korea, raised on different continents & connected through social media, Samantha & Anaïs believe that they are twin sisters separated at birth.


Samantha Futerman immediately grabbed my attention within the first 5 seconds of the doc. Opening with a video diary type shot of  herself speaking about her recently discovery (4 days ago) of a possible twin on the other side of the world, I was immediately drawn into her story. When she then introduced herself as an actress in LA, citing her works in movies like Memoirs of a Geisha and 21 and Over, my intrigue increased.

This self-made biographical documentary was one of the best i’ve seen. It had striking similarities to a doc I watched last year, First Person Plural (IMDB), directed by Deann Borshay, starring herself and her journey in finding and reconnecting with her birth parents and family in Korea. The structure of the journey, and order of significant events that occurred we’re quite similar, although I found myself much more attracted to the characters, and intrigued about their final outcomes here.


What astounded me about this documentary was the production quality. I find that many of these auto-biographical documentaries are usually lower in quality, in terms of technical aspects like cinematography, levels of sound recording, etc. Kudos to Ryan Miyamoto – the man behind the camera – for consistently keeping his cool during some of the more riveting moments caught in Twinsters.

The characters, Samantha Futerman, and twin Anaïs Bordier were also just so easy to fall in love with. Upon messaging each other on Facebook, and then Skyping for the first time, they seemed to have this instant connection that was just so heartwarming. You couldn’t not love them.

Finally, there were these little animated graphic cards between each segment of Twinsters that I LOVED and thought really suited the girls’ characters. Great job to their designers.


And really finally… POP! (You’ll understand what that means after you watch this)


just my rating: ★★★★¾

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