review: amanda knox (2016)

SYNOPSIS (IMDB): American exchange student Amanda Knox is convicted and eventually acquitted for the 2007 death of another student in Italy.


ACTING: 9.2/10 (though I find it weird critiquing acting for a doc)
SCORE: 8/10

REVIEW IN ONE SENTENCE: A beautifully put together doc that strongly builds and presents a subjective perspective on Amanda Knox.

* First of all, I LOVE how so many docs these days are now also cinematic masterpieces – rather than just sequences of shaky camera shots that just capture what they need to build a story. Docs can be visual art too – I love this new trend. ANYWAYS. This doc definitely had a perspective on Amanda Knox that they wanted to present, clear cut to the viewer. The mysterious, creepy, maybe crazy girl that took part in this grisly, unfortunate event. While strong on most fronts, I found that this film lacked in one area. The story of Rudy Guede. I understand that the media, and the rest of the world, pretty much overlooked his story and put all their attention to Knox, but COME ON – this guy was such a huge part of the story and was only mentioned for several minutes in this 92 minute doc. I found myself wanting to learn more about his story during the development of this case. Other than that – super strong, highly recommend. Get on Netflix and watch this.


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